We tell you how it started

Two friends. Two worlds. One good Moment.

Two friends. Two cultures. Two worlds. One trip, one encounter: Oaxaca, Mexico.

Never ending days walking under the sun between steady agaves. Baked landscapes painted with hues of green and brown. Infinite hills, blue skies dotted with the odd sailing cloud.


Lands filled with steady agaves

A change of course, a deviation between the never ending serpentine paths, took them to a small village innocently sheltered, guarded by majestic rolling hills.

Welcomed with extraordinary kindness and warmness, they quickly became the villagers’ guests of honor. They laughed, ate amongst the locals and toasted to good health with their unique mezcal.

The experience was a time out of this time. Witnessing first hand, they instantly felt a collective peacefulness and happiness, unfamiliar elsewhere in this modern world. The two friends were eager to learn the secret, to discover the formula to this exquisite way of life and upon asking, the locals smiled and replied with ease,

It’s all about the ‘mezcalito’ ¡Salud!

That evening, as they left that magic village and those special people  both friends felt compelled to share their experience with the world. The best way to do so, they thought, was through that extraordinary drink.

Only through that mezcal, could they share that Good Moment, that fantastic Buen Suceso.