How it’s made

We make our mezcal
fair and square.

Deep within Oaxaca lies a secret kept for centuries. In its valleys, Agave plants give birth to a rare, crystalline liquid; a beverage meant for celebration. An exquisite match of mysticism and tradition. The greatest pride of Mexico is the flavor of joyful occasions.

Premium Mezcal 100% Agave”Smoky, herbaceous and salty on the nose. Intense and vivid in style with a controlled delivery. Harmonious and rounded in the mouth, velvety in texture, pronounced in intensity, soft in delivery. Abounding with savoury complexity, long and evolving on the palate.”

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Agave plants must grow over ten years until they are ready for harvest. During that time, sun, air and rainwater are their only nurtures.

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We select and harvest the agave by hand. Once the leaves are removed, the hearts or “piñas” of the maguey are ready to be roasted.

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The hearts of maguey are roasted over hot stones covered with maguey fiber and earth in a conical pit in the ground for three to five days.

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In order to extract all the agave “juices”, they are then ground to a mash using horse-powered stone mills.

bs_5o5 –
Natural, ambient fermentation in wooden vats (14 to 30 days) follows.

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Finally, the raw material is distilled twice, very slowly, in copper stills. Buen Suceso is born.